七个小故事带你轻松玩转单词Seven short stories to play with words Learn English with Stories


七个小故事带你轻松玩转单词》前言A Trip to the BeachSummary词汇表:中文翻译

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弗莱德里克·毕巴德(Frederic Bibard) 著


I’ll bet you like stories, everybody. In fact, human beings have been sharing stories since they were born. From sharing around the fire to talking under the bedside lamp, storytelling has always occupied a place in our daily life, and will always be so.
You know, you can also use the power of story to learn a new language effectively. With the right tools and methods, stories can help you learn many new words and improve your reading and listening comprehension.
So I’m happy to share this new book with you. There are seven different stories in the book, including going to the beach, dating, holidays, shopping, pets, food and cooking, and plants and gardening. You can learn English while enjoying stories.
What is there to look forward to in this book?
Get rid of the trouble of looking up the dictionary. Every story in this book is followed by a vocabulary. In this way, you don’t have to look up the words in the dictionary, so the learning process will be more coherent and convenient.
We can learn a wealth of vocabulary and grammatical structure. In the creation of these stories, we intentionally use a variety of practical vocabulary and expression structure, which is convenient for you to use in daily expression.


This book can improve your reading comprehension and writing skills. After reading these easy to understand stories in the book, you can try to summarize them in your own language.
Improve your listening and pronunciation. With the help of synchronized audio, you can hear native English speakers tell stories. There are two versions of the recording: advanced learners can use the normal speed version, beginners or intermediate learners who want to practice pronunciation through imitation can use the slow version.
I hope you can enjoy this book as much as I do. Most importantly, I hope it can help you achieve your English learning goals.
Enjoy the book and good luck!
Jack cactus

A Trip to the Beach
Marie loved the beach. It was her favorite placein the entire world. It didn’t matter which beach it was. She had visited many beaches in many places and she loved them all. What matteredto her was the sand betweenher toes, the soundof the waves crashing, and the wind blowingin her hair. Most of the time, thinking of the beach made her heartfeel at peace, and it always made her smile.



beach – n.海滩;沙滩
favorite place – 最喜欢的地方
entire world – 整个世界
matter – v. 有重大关系;有重要性;要紧
sand – n. 沙子;沙地;沙滩
between – prep. 在……之间


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