剑桥小学科学启蒙教材cambridge primary science level 123456阶段学生书练习册

剑桥小学科学启蒙教材cambridge primary science levelCambridge Primary is our exciting new series for the Cambridge Primary curriculum frameworks from Cambridge International Examinations.
Joining our other market- leading titles, our Primary series starts the learner’s journey and completes the suite of titles available for a lifetime of learning:
from Cambridge Primary to Cambridge Checkpoint, Cambridge O level and Cambridge IGCSE to Cambridge International AS and A level .

Cambridge Primary is made up of Primary English (for First Language learners), Global English(for English as a Second Language learners, Primary Mathematics and Primary Science,
and is an innovative set of resources designed to support teachers and help learners to succeed in Primary education.
Cambridge Primary English, Mathematics and Science are designed to fulfil the requirements of the Cambridge Primary curriculum, developed by Cambridge International Examinations.
剑桥小学英语、数学和科学课程旨在满足剑桥国际考试所制定的剑桥小学课程的要求。Cambridge Primary curriculum frameworks

Focusing on academic achievement, this series is an ideal resource for any international or bilingual school.
Cambridge Global English, Primary Mathematics and Primary Science are all written with English as a Second Language (ESL) learners in mind and focus on developing language,
knowledge and skills across English, Maths and Science. The series offers the full advantage of being developed alongside Cambridge International Examinations,
英语、数学和科学方面的知识和技能。该系列课程充分发挥了剑桥国际考试的优势,cambridge primary science Cambridge International Examinations
whilst still being compatible with other curricula.
Cambridge Primary is suitable for any primary school looking for an innovative and flexible suite of materials.
Designed to set the foundations for future learning, Cambridge Primary sets clear goals for learners and teachers, and provides carefully structured questions,
tasks and end-of-unit tests to help build students’ confidence and help teachers monitor progress.
任务和单元测试,帮助建立学生的信心,并帮助教师监控进度。cambridge primary science build students’ confidence and help teachers monitor progress

What is Cambridge Primary Science? Cambridge Primary Science Stages 1-6 is an innovative suite of materials and provides full coverage of the Cambridge International Primary Science curriculum.
Designed with English as Second Language learners in mind, Cambridge Primary Science uses accessible language, diagrams and illustrations throughout to support visual learning and young learners in developing their ‘Scientific English’.
Learner books, write-in activity books and teacher resources are packed full of fun activities and exercises designed to provide an outlet for young learners to apply their new found knowledge and promote scientific enquiry.
Stages 1-6 are tailored specifically for Primary levels and provide an excellent foundation for Cambridge
阶段1-6是专门为初级水平量身定做的,为损坏的剑桥提供了良好的基础。Cambridge Primary Science Stages 1-6 provide an excellent foundation for Cambridge

Stages 1–6: Fun and engaging activities develop scientific enquiry skills and support learning through discovery.
Support teachers with differentiated activities and assessment to help cater for different levels of academic ability.
Are fully compatible with Cambridge Global English, Cambridge Primary English and Cambridge Primary Maths.
Promote classroom discussion and enquiry-led learning with features such as “Talk about it” and “Check your progress”.
Incorporate colourful illustrations designed to help explain scientific concepts to visual learners and those with lower literacy.
Follow the curriculum developed by Cambridge International Examinations.
Contain defined learning objectives for each level to help teachers track progress.
Are written by experienced authors who are experts in young learner teaching methodology and/or are practising teachers and teacher-trainers.

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