剑桥少儿英语Kids Box 2 第二版 配套教材音视频 Audio and video of Cambridge kids box Second Edition

剑桥少儿英语Kids Box 2 第二版剑桥少儿英语Kids box 教材Second Edition第2册学生用书和活动用书
Cambridge kids box (Second Edition) Volume 2 student books and Activity Books
The two authors of Cambridge International Children’s English have more than 20 years of experience in children’s English teaching.
Cambridge International Children’s English advocates creating a confident starting point for children’s English learning,
And let teachers fully experience the fun of language teaching.
At the same time, the teaching material comprehensively cultivates children’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, which covers all relevant grammatical structures and vocabulary of Cambridge children’s English examination syllabus
, after learning this set of teaching materials, the relevant level can reach the level of Cambridge children English test.

This set of teaching materials focuses on the life of the stars, with interesting and fashionable images,
Vivid stories, songs and rich activities,
Let children develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a natural and relaxed environment,
Set up the confidence of learning English, stimulate the motivation of learning English.
A comprehensive English textbook for children from non English speaking countries

Cambridge International Children's English kids box 2

Reasons for recommendation:
1、 Scientific design and strong pertinence.
Cambridge International Children’s English is a set of starting point English textbooks for children aged 4-12 in non English speaking countries,
The whole set is divided into seven levels, and each level of teaching materials is composed of student package, teacher package and test package.
The student bag includes student book, activity book, Student CD, Cambridge children’s English Test vocabulary card and interactive DVD.
The teaching materials follow the aim and goal of the Cambridge children’s English test, comprehensively and step by step to cultivate children’s language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Through scientific, systematic and relaxed learning and training, children will naturally and thoroughly meet the requirements of Cambridge children’s English test syllabus.
2、 Rich themes, step by step.
This set of teaching materials takes place in the process of the stars and their friends, singing, manual activities, etc. to “acquire” the language and unconsciously build up the confidence in learning the language.
The activities of each unit include group task, role play, song, ballad, story, painting, coloring, production, various games, etc.
Language is also presented in various ways, including literature and pictures, as well as a large number of sounds and images, which extend the content, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary of the book without any trace.
It can be said that different types of children can find their games or practice methods in the textbooks.
Children can also bring their own actual situation into practice, which will further enhance students’ confidence in learning and guide them to learn to learn and master scientific learning methods.
I believe that children who use this textbook can learn English in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

Features of teaching materials
Spiral rise, so that children continue to build self-confidence in learning English, and gradually cultivate interest.
System science. Comprehensive training of listening, speaking, reading and writing, repeated learning and application of language points.
Complete supporting facilities. In addition to bishops, there are activity books, teacher books, story cards, word cards and interactive DVD.
Pronunciation standard, original language, standard pronunciation, let children learn authentic English.
Interesting. The text revolves around the star family and their friends. The lovely characters run through the whole set of teaching materials to enhance children’s learning enthusiasm. The rhythmic songs and new and diverse songs repeatedly deepen the understanding and application of language.
Natural spelling. Design language learning module, using international popular natural spelling teaching, make pronunciation learning natural, scientific and interesting.

Cambridge children English test

Course introduction
《剑桥国际少儿英语》Kid’s Box是剑桥大学考试委员会 ESOL 考试部体系下对应YLE测试的剑桥国际少儿英语,剑桥体系最后直接对接剑桥通用五级,雅思考试。
Kid’s box is Cambridge International Children’s English under the system of ESOL examination department of Cambridge University Examination Committee, which corresponds to the YLE test. The Cambridge system finally directly connects with Cambridge General band 5 and IELTS.

Kids Box 二版新加入了入门级
The second edition of Kids Box has added the entry level
There are 8 units at the entry level, with 6 class hours for each unit. Every two units has a CLIL unit and a values unit. In the Middle School of playing, we should focus on listening, doing, speaking and singing, playing and acting, cultivate the awareness of spelling, form good habits, and master about 110 core vocabulary and sentence patterns.
第二版新加入了Starter level及更完善的CLIL、Values和Phonics模块!
In the second edition, starter level and more perfect CLIL, values and phonics modules are added!

Cambridge International Children's English examination department kids box 2


There are 9 units in each level of level 3-4, one review unit for each two units,
Each unit has 8 class hours. In 1-2 class hours of each unit, learn vocabulary in listening or reading,
Class 3-4 is grammar teaching, and class 5 is language output through voice and speaking and writing activities,
In session 6, the new story characters are introduced to repeat the language points in the new situation,
Extensive reading is added in 7-8 class hours of each unit to cultivate students’ reading strategies and reading sub skills.

Cambridge english kids box 2
Level 3: about 450 new words and phrases, 8 stories and 16 listening exercises.
Level 4: about 350 new words and phrases, 12 listening exercises and 24 reading exercises.


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