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牛津大学出版社oxford EngageWith a fresh design, revised content and new digital materials, Engage second edition offers flexibility and support for students and teachers.Engage Second Edition retains its successful topic-based learning approach, but now has a revised syllabus providing even greater support for students and teachers.The fresh design and up-to-date content are attractive to teenagers, and the improved unit structure develops confidence and motivation.
Engage second edition采用全新的设计、修订的内容和新的数字材料,为学生和教师提供了灵活性和支持。Engage second edition保留了其成功的基于主题的学习方法,但现在修订后的教学大纲为学生和老师提供了更大的支持,新的设计和最新的内容对青少年很有吸引力,改进后的单元结构培养了信心和动力。
Updated real-world topics, with a strong visual impact, ensure high student motivation.
— Improved emphasis on listening, speaking, and vocabulary development ensures better communication.
— Additional Workbook pages provide more reading comprehension practice.
— Digital resources reduce preparation time, and enhance learning in the classroom and at home.
— Projects and optional group activities encourage collaborative work.
— New Bonus Units offer opportunities for extension or review of the main syllabus.
-新的奖励单元提供了扩展或审查主要教学大纲的机会。oxford Engage Second Edition第二版

The structure of Engage
Introducing the topic
词汇The structure of oxford Engage
·These pages give the objectives of the unit and
are an illustrated presentation of the vocabulary
related to the unit topic.They are followed by
consolidation activities.
整合活动。oxford Engage Building the topic Vocabulary

Exploring the topic Reading
· The reading texts use a variety of different genres. The reading text is supported by activities which develop the ability to extract and interpret information, and encourage personalization.
-Grammar Grammar pages formally present a single point, or two related points, followed by practice activities. At the bottom of the page there is a personalization activity (Over to you!).
-语法页面正式呈现一个点,或两个相关点,然后是实践活动。在页面底部有一个个性化活动(交给你!)。oxford Engage Second Edition encourage personalization

Building the topic Vocabulary
· This introduces a new, related, set of words which are taught, modeled, and practiced.
· The second grammar page develops or expands on the grammar point of the unit. At the bottom of the page there is a personalization activity
(Over to youl).
(交给你)oxford Engage more flexible teaching

living english。

·The reading texts introduce a variety of different genres and are more extensive than those in Exploring the topic.The reading text is supported by activities which develop the ability to extract and interpret information and encourage personalization.
·The listening activities follow on from the reading topic and are followed by practice activities.
·The speaking activities follow on from the listening activities.There are also pronunciation activities.
Finally there is a personalization activity.

·Writing lessons are based around a model text and are the opportunity to put intopractice everything learned in the unit.
I can
·This section provides an opportunity to review and reflect on progress through self-assessment.
·The puzzles are a fun way of practicing and reinforcing skills learned in the unit.

·The review pages appear after every two units and consolidate the grammar and vocabulary of the unit.
·复习页出现在每两个单元后面,巩固单元的语法和词汇。Writing lessons oxford Engage

· The magazine pages appear after every two units.
They focus on a topic which relates to or builds on the topic of the preceding units, and expand global awareness. They provide further opportunities for personalization, critical thinking, and project work.
工作簿oxford engage has  global awareness
· The Workbook, which follows the Student Book, provides one page of grammar reference, and four pages of additional practice activities, for each unit.

Engage 第 2 版是一套 4 个级别适合初中及以上学生的主题式美式英语教材。对应欧洲语言教学评估共同纲领 CEF A1-B1,
The second edition of engage is a set of thematic American English textbooks with four levels suitable for junior high school and above students. Corresponding to CEF a1-b1,
适用于 12 至 18 岁学习者。新版设计耳目一新,内容全新修订,充满时代感,并开发配备了最新多元化数字资源,
For learners aged 12 to 18. The new design is refreshing, the content is new and revised, full of a sense of the times, and is equipped with the latest diversified digital resources,engage full of a sense of the times
带给老师和学生更加灵活的教、学体验。 Engage(第 2 版)通过现代感十足的话题内容及丰富多元的互动学习体验,帮助学生建立英语语言运用的信心。
Bring teachers and students more flexible teaching and learning experience. Engage (2nd Edition) helps students build confidence in the use of English language through modern topic content and rich interactive learning experience.

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