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oxford First Friends level 1-3First Friends系列图书适合幼儿园的儿童使用,以易于操作的课程结构、成功的教学方法、适宜本土的文化背景和丰富的教学资源,快速激发幼儿的英语学习兴趣,
First friends series books are suitable for children in kindergartens. With easy to operate curriculum structure, successful teaching methods, suitable local cultural background and rich teaching resources, they can quickly stimulate children’s interest in English learning,
It can help children to learn simple vocabulary and practice English spelling, at the same time, it can help them to establish family values. It is their first English Enlightenment textbook.

牛津大学出版社oxford First Friends level
Features of teaching materials
Clear curriculum design, add more photos, and strive to build a stronger link with the real world
Expand the core vocabulary syllabus, so that students learn more.
The catchy children’s songs contain systematic English spelling syllabus to help children understand and spell letters
Highlight values and help children learn social skills
Practical interdisciplinary courses, closely integrated with other subjects, such as mathematics and natural science
Children’s critical thinking ability can be improved by participating in activitiesoxford First Friends Children's critical thinking

Textbook structure
first, the unit theme is presented with a large cross page picture. The learning goal is clear, and children are easy to focus, with key words at the bottom of the page.
teach daily life dialogue, sentence tips at the bottom of the page, convenient for teachers to refer to, take students to do exercises.
through lively and interesting songs, children can be proficient in words, and the melody is easy to remember and catchy. The big picture of songs can also bring in logic training, including finding, counting, pairing, classifying, comparing and so on.
in level 1, each unit uses two story maps to review the words and sentences, so as to deepen the proficiency of vocabulary and basic dialogue. Level 2 and level 3 are stories of four pictures.
5.Project:每两或三个单元有一个Project 手工活动,除训练孩子手臂肌肉外,也融入跨学科的概念,例如:数学、艺术、科学等。oxford First Friends situational pictures in everyday English
every two or three units have a project manual activity, which not only trains children’s arm muscles, but also integrates interdisciplinary concepts, such as mathematics, art, science, etc.
6.Value:情景化图片带入每日英语(Everyday English)(页面下方)的用法,字句中隐含着教育孩子生活礼仪的意涵,例如:保持干净、听老师的话、分享、分担驾驶、轮流玩等,都是幼儿园必教的生活常规。
the use of situational pictures in everyday English (at the bottom of the page) implies the meaning of life etiquette education for children, such as: keep clean, listen to the teacher, share, share driving, take turns to play, etc., which are the life routines that must be taught in kindergartens.
7.Alphabet/Phonics:1级认识26个英文字母。2级教授26个字母发音。3级则以复合字音sh/th/ch和a/e/i/o/u 短元音为主。
/ PHONICS: 26 English letters at level 1. Level 2 teaches 26 letter pronunciation. In grade 3, compound SH / Th / CH and a / E / I / O / u are the main short vowels.
with the improvement of students’ level, explore will replace song to lay the foundation of children’s reading ability through simple graphic reading.
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