The American Accent Course
If there’s any particular sound diffcult for you, you need to watch the video over and over again until you master it and apply the sounds to your daily life asap by reading some materials out loud

The American Accent Course

今天推荐的资料是来自斯坦福的语言学家录制的精美视频,专门针对non native speaker的发音难点重点突破,全书50个小诀窍,让你迅速获益。
Today, the recommended information is a beautiful video recorded by linguists from Stanford. It is specially aimed at the breakthrough of pronunciation difficulties of non native speaker. The book has 50 tips to benefit you quickly.
全套书价值至少299元,和American Pronunciation Workshop互有不同,视频质量更高些,对比交叉学习,进步更大(书中提供了大量American Pronunciation Workshop中没有提及的进阶技巧,几乎是全方位无死角的扫除美音发音的所有特点,正如封面所说,涵盖了原音辅音语调节奏四大块)。
The whole set of books is worth at least 299 yuan. It is different from American promotion workshop. The video quality is higher, and the comparison and cross learning are more advanced (the book provides a large number of advanced skills not mentioned in American pronunciation workshop, almost all-round and non dead corner cleaning all features of the pronunciation of American sound, as the cover says, It covers four parts of the rhythm of the original consonants.

American Pronunciation Workshop

Lisa老师的 《 The American Accent Course 》,是每个美音进阶者绕不过的经典教材,它全面覆盖了元音、辅音,连读、弱读、变音以及语调与节奏。结合《50 Rules You Must Know》,轻松扫除语音难点,极大减少“劝退感”,你会发现自己不知不觉地就完成了这本书的学习,而且乐在其中。
The American accent course, written by Lisa, is a classic textbook that can’t be bypassed by any advanced American pronunciation. It covers vowels, consonants, continuous reading, weak reading, tone sandhi, intonation and rhythm. Combining with 50 rules you must know, you can easily eliminate the phonetic difficulties and greatly reduce the “sense of persuasion”. You will find that you have completed the study of this book unconsciously and enjoy it.

pronunciation of American sound

[learning methods]
Here are the learning methods given by Lisa in the preface of this tutorial
a. 一遍又一遍地听录音的内容,跟读,跟读,跟读!!!
a. Listen to the tape again and again, follow, follow, follow!!!
b. 选择一篇文章大声读出来,这个地方要分几个小步骤:
b. Choose an article and read it out loud. There are several steps in this place:

American Pronunciation
1) First, mark your new pronunciation in the passage
2) Then read slowly, exaggerate and practice new pronunciation (just focus on a few new pronunciation at a time, don’t be greedy!)
3) Add extra pronunciation practice after being proficient
4) After repeated several hundred times, you will find that you read fast and well!
c. 自言自语,练习你之前读过的材料,直至发音完美
c. Talk to yourself and practice the material you have read before until your pronunciation is perfect
d. 最后可以在真实情境中去磨练自己
d. Finally, we can temper ourselves in the real situation
most important of all:
Insist on not giving up!


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