美国国家地理第五版Great writing f12345原版教材 大写作系列学生用书+答案+F级音频

美国国家地理第五版Great writing
Great Writing
史上最受欢迎写作教材。Great Writing 主题式写作教材,
The most popular writing textbook in history. Great writing theme writing textbook,
也是Reading Explorer的最佳搭档.共分6个级别,
It is also the best partner of reading explorer. There are 6 levels,
It is a set of special teaching materials to cultivate students’ English writing ability,
A1-c2, suitable for junior high school students.

美国国家地理great writing
Reprinted five times, the world’s best-selling writing materials.
《Great Writing》系列是美国国家地理学习出品。
The great writing series is the product of national geographic learning in the United States.
Using the beautiful pictures and text materials of National Geographic

National Geographic great writing
. Stimulate students’ interest in writing content;
Each level and unit provides clear writing standards,
A large number of exercises with appropriate difficulty are provided, including model, writing, error correction, editing, etc. writing training is carried out by level and subject,
Realize the whole process of learning from basic writing to academic writing.

国家地理writing skill training

FROM THE AUTHORS Great Writing began in 1998 when three of us were teaching writing and frequently found ourselves complaining about the lack of materials for English language learners.A lot of books talked about writing but did not ask the students to write until the end of a chapter.
In essence, the material seemed to be more of a lecture followed by “Now you write an essay.”Students were reading a lot but writing little. What was missing was useful sequenced instruction for developing ESL writers by getting them to write.

Great Writing 第五版
Each of us had folders with our own original tried-and-true activities, so we set out tocombine our materials into a coherent book that would help teachers and students alike.
The result was Great Paragrapbs and Great Essays, the original books of the Great Writing series. Much to our surprise, the books were very successful. Teachers around the world reached out to us and offered encouragement and ideas. Through the past four editions we have listened to those ideas, improved upon the books, and added four more levels.

We are proud to present this 5th edition of the Great Writing series with the same tried-and-true focus on writing and grammar, but with an added emphasis on developing accurate sentences and expanding level-appropriate academic vocabulary.
We thank those who have been involved in the development of this series over the years.
In particular for the 5th edition, we would like to thank Laura Le Drean, Executive Editor; the developmental editors for this edition: Lisl Bove, Eve Yu, Yeny Kim, Jennifer Monaghan, and Tom Jefferies. We will be forever grateful to two people who shaped our original books: Susan Maguire and Kathy Sands-Boehmer. Without all of these professionals, our books would most definitely not be the great works they are right now.
特别是第5版,我们要感谢劳拉勒德兰,执行编辑;本版的发展编辑:Lisl Bove、Eve Yu、Yeny Kim、Jennifer Monaghan和Tom Jefferies。我们将永远感谢塑造我们原著的两个人:苏珊·马奎尔和凯西·桑兹·博默。如果没有这些专业人士,我们的书肯定不会是现在的伟大作品。
As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas as you use these materials with your students.
Sincerely, Keitb Folse


1.Foundation: Great Sentences写出好句子
2.Great Sentences for Great Paragraphs好句子到写出好段落
3.Great Paragraphs写出好段落
4.From Great Paragraphs to Great Essays 从写出好段落到写出好文章
5.Great Essays 写出好文章
The learning structure of this textbook is very clear. Each unit is divided into four parts
Learn a writing skill
②学习写作中用到的语法(Grammar for Writing)
② Learn grammar for writing
③学习更好地使用词汇(Building Better Vocabulary)
③ Learning to use vocabulary better
④让孩子自己练习不同文体的写作(Original Student Writing)
④ Let children practice writing in different styles by themselves (original student writing)
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