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美国国家地理学习(NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC LEARNING)是圣智学习集团(CENGAGE)旗下一员,是全球领先的英语语言教学教材提供商,产品涵盖英语语言学习、文学、科学、社会研究等各个领域。
National geographic learning, a member of Cengage, is a leading provider of English language teaching materials in the world. Its products cover English language learning, literature, science, social research and other fields.

The learning structure of this textbook is very clear. Each unit is divided into four parts
① Learn a writing skill
②学习写作中用到的语法(Grammar for Writing)
② Learn grammar for writing
③学习更好地使用词汇(Building Better Vocabulary)
③ Learning to use vocabulary better
④让孩子自己练习不同文体的写作(Original Student Writing)
④ Let children practice writing in different styles by themselves (original student writing)NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC LEARNING

Great Writing: Foundations
The Great Writing series is a six-level series that uses clear explanations and a large number of practical activities to help students write great sentences, paragraphs, and essays.
The new Foundations level meets the needs of low-level learners through basic vocabulary development and spelling practice, and all levels feature clear explanations applied directly to appropriate practice opportunities. The Great Writing series is ideal for beginning to advanced learners, helping them develop and master academic writing skills.
National geographic Great writing learning

Great Writing: Foundations focuses on basic sentence construction, emphasizing
grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and composition.
Great Writing 1 focuses on sentences as they appear in paragraphs.
Great Writing 2 teaches paragraph development.
Great Writing 3 transitions from paragraphs to essays.
Great Writing 4 focuses on essays.
Great Writing 5 practices more advanced essays.
These teacher’s notes will provide you with an overview of Great Writing:
Foundations, an overview of teaching writing to English language learners, ideas for how
best to use the activities in your class, and unit-by-unit teaching suggestions. There is
also an Audio Program, separate Answer Key available on the website, additional Online
Workbook activities, an assessment CD-ROM, and a Presentation Tool for presenting the
grammar and editing as whole-class activities.
语法和编辑作为全班活动。overview of Great Writing

Great Writing: Foundations
Great Writing: Foundations has 14 units; each one includes approximately 20 activities. Each unit opens with a stunning photo to engage students in the writing topic and a list of the unit objectives. Each unit has three distinct sections: Grammar for Writing, Building Vocabulary and Spelling, and Original Student Writing.
Grammar for Writing Each unit has a specific grammatical focus that helps beginning writers build better sentences. Examples of sentence structure covered in this section of each unit include parts of speech (e.g., noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, conjunction,
preposition), verb tenses (simple present, simple past, present progressive, future), punctuation (periods, commas for items in a series, commas with certain conjunctions), capitalization, and sentence types (simple, compound, complex). Grammar is explained in language that is appropriate for beginning-level writers. Simple charts of grammatical forms give learners easy-to-understand access to the structures they will be using in their writing. Numerous examples are given of both
correct language and incorrect language, and learners are encouraged to notice the gap
between the two.
在两者之间。Great writing Building Vocabulary and Spelling

Grammar for Writing consists of 10 to 15 activities. The following features
always appear in this section of a unit:
• grammar lessons with multiple examples
rules written in student-accessible language
• identification of key grammar items in sentences
• selection of correct grammatical forms
writing sentences using the grammar focus
• scrambled sentences
• correcting mistakes in sentences
• practicing grammar and vocabulary in model writing
• guided writing: making changes from a model writing
•指导性写作:改变写作模式Great writing writing sentences using the grammar

Building Vocabulary and Spelling
This section of each unit is built around one of the fourteen vowel sounds in English.
These fourteen sounds are represented in these example words: cat, bed, fish, hot, cup, cake, eat, rice, hello, school, straw, wood, flower, and boy.
While certain consonants present spelling problems (e.g., b/v for Spanish speakers, b/p for Arabic speakers, and s/sh for Japanese speakers), vowel spelling errors are made by almost all language groups learning English.
Therefore, this section focuses on one vowel sound per unit, but difficult consonants are routinely practiced in all units.Each unit has a list of approximately 40 words that represent the targeted vowel sound.
These words are arranged in groups according to the variant spellings and include the most frequent or most useful words selected from the ESL Vocabulary Spelling List (Folse, 2013). For example, Unit 2 focuses on three spellings of the /ɛ/ sound as in the words bed, ready, and many.
这些单词根据不同的拼写进行分组,包括从ESL词汇拼写列表中选择的最常见或最有用的单词(Folse,2013)。例如,第2单元重点介绍/ɛ/ 听起来像是在床上,准备好了,还有很多。
A list of words can be a very useful tool (Folse, 2004), but a list is not enough for our students to learn words well enough to use them freely. Therefore, Building Vocabulary and Spelling always consists of these nine supporting activities:
单词列表是一个非常有用的工具(Folse,2004),但是一个列表不足以让我们的学生学好单词并自由使用它们。因此,建立词汇和拼写总是由以下九个辅助活动组成:国家地理大写作第四版Great writing 4 edtion
• common words with target vowel sound
• matching words and pictures
• completing words with the targeted vowel sound
• writing sentences with spelling vocabulary in context
• unscrambling letters
• practicing vocabulary in context
• spelling practice
• identifying the targeted sound next to a confusing spelling (e.g., many / meny)
• cumulative spelling review of all spellings (e.g., many / meny / mainy / miny)
In addition, students should be encouraged to get a separate notebook and to write all of their new vocabulary words in it. This Vocabulary Notebook will be an important tool for them to learn and review new English words and phrases that will help them become better writers. See page 289 for more information on keeping a Vocabulary Notebook.


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