DK人人英语练习册4级进阶DK English for Everyone Practice Book Level 4 Advanced

Author Claire Hart is a freelance author of English-language materials. She has published a range of print materials and created several online courses. She also teaches English at the University of Applied Sciences in Neu-Ulm, Germany.

Course consultant Tim Bowen has taught English and trained teachers in more than 30 countries worldwide. He is the co-author of works on pronunciation teaching and language-teaching methodology, and author of numerous books for English-language teachers. He is currently a freelance materials writer, editor, and translator. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.
课程顾问Tim Bowen在全球30多个国家教授英语并培训教师。他与人合著了有关语音教学和语言教学方法的著作,并为英语教师撰写了大量书籍。他目前是一名自由撰稿人、编辑和翻译。他是特许语言学家协会的会员。

Language consultant Professor Susan Barduhn is an experienced English-language teacher, teacher trainer, and author, who has contributed to numerous publications. In addition to directing English-language courses in at least four different continents, she has been President of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language, and an adviser to the British Council and the US State Department. She is currently a Professor at the School of International Training in Vermont, USA.
语言顾问教授Susan Barduhn是一位经验丰富的英语教师、教师培训师和作家,曾为许多出版物撰稿。除了在至少四个不同的大陆指导英语课程外,她还曾担任国际英语教师协会(International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign language)主席、英国文化协会(British Council)和美国国务院顾问。她目前是美国佛蒙特州国际培训学院的教授。

English for Everyone is designed for people who want to teach themselves the English language. Like all language courses, it covers the core skills: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Unlike in other courses, the skills are taught and

practiced as visually as possible, using images and graphics to help you understand and remember. The practice book is packed with exercises designed to reinforce the lessons you have learned in the course book. Work through the units in order, making full use of the audio available on the website and app.

Practice modules Each exercise is carefully graded to drill and test the language taught in the corresponding course book units. Working through the exercises alongside the course book will help you remember what you have learned and become more fluent. Every exercise is introduced with a symbol to indicate which skill is being practiced.

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