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DK儿童百科全书DK findoutDK的Findout!系列是给6-8岁儿童看的百科知识读本。在官网至今已经出版了30本。每本书以图片为主,提供单词摘要和小测验。
DK’s findout! The series is an encyclopedia for children aged 6-8. So far, 30 books have been published on the official website. Each book is based on pictures, with word summaries and quizzes.
这套书的闪卡模式对提高单词量很有好处。另外这套书有个网站 可以和这些书配套使用。
The flash card mode of this set of books is good for increasing the number of words. In addition, there is a website for this series of books It can be used with these books.
下面目录中的第一本Monuments of India还没出版 之后免费更新,Ancient Rome有US和UK两个版本,所以这里一共有31本。
The first documents of India in the following directory has not been published and updated for free. Ancient Rome has us and UK versions, so there are 31 copies in total.DK findout百科知识读本

DK findout就像一本网络版的百科全书,可视化强,内容涵盖从动植物、恐龙,到数学、英文、计算机编程等所有科目,帮助孩子们在家也能扩展视野,学科普
DK findout is like an online encyclopedia with strong visualization. It covers all subjects from plants and dinosaurs to mathematics, English and computer programming. It helps children expand their horizons and learn popular science at home!
DK findout是什么?
Although DK is a famous publishing house in the UK, there are also a large number of DK books published in the classroom libraries of American primary schools. Their family’s books on science, pronunciation, encyclopedia and life are very exquisite with pictures and texts!DK findout原版美国小学科普读物

DK同时开发了其线上的百科网站:DK findout。该网站为孩子们提供了各种科普类的主题,打开网站可以看到,DK网站涉及了13个大类别,每个类别下面包含多个分支主题,每个主题里蕴含着丰富的科普知识和动画。
DK also developed its online encyclopedia website: DK findout. The website provides children with a variety of popular science topics. Open the website, you can see that DK website involves 13 categories, each category contains a number of sub topics, each topic contains rich popular science knowledge and animation.DK findout提供了各种科普类的主题

比如动物主题中,罗列的动物有54类,包含海洋动物、大型哺乳动物、两栖类、软体动物、飞鑫类等,可以说生活中常见的动物,在DK findout都能找到!
For example, in the animal theme, there are 54 kinds of animals listed, including marine animals, large mammals, amphibians, molluscs, Feixin, etc. it can be said that the common animals in life can be found in DK findout!

Science includes 13 kinds of scientific knowledge: energy, Newton’s law, electromagnetism, sound, light, change of state of matter and so on, which are closely combined with physics.DK findout learning of English全球视觉工具书系类

Programming classes, including scratch, Python and other common children’s programming languages, so that children can learn basic programming knowledge at home.

Among dinosaurs, it introduces prehistoric creatures, such as amphibians, fish, invertebrates, mammals and reptiles, which fully satisfies children’s curiosity about the unknown.DK findout common children's programming languages

In the learning of English, it introduces a wealth of grammar knowledge, such as the use of singular and plural nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives and punctuation.

In the space theme, we not only popularized constellation, space life, lunar landing, space station, solar system, rocket launch and other related knowledge, but also introduced some space knowledge that children are interested in, such as the big bang, the birth of the sun, the Milky way and black holes.DK findout space knowledge

在对每个小主题进行介绍时,DK Findout网站创造出相应的情景,让小朋友仿佛置身其中。
In the introduction of each theme, DK findout website creates the corresponding scene, so that children seem to be in it.
Look! Is the universe we live in really cool? How did it come into being? How did the solar system come into being? What does a black hole look like? Here DK will answer for the children.DK findout In the introduction of each theme

DK encyclopedia website in addition to the content is particularly complete, its famous pictures are also incisively and vividly reflected here, there are animations, real photos, simulations, all kinds of pictures are very beautiful, looking at a kind of pleasing feeling.
All kinds of landforms in real photos:DK real photos, simulations

动物篇–《Big Cats》
Animals: big cats
所谓的“Big Cats”,这里指的并不是大猫,而是指大型猫科动物。那么什么是大型猫科动物呢?和家养的宠物猫不同,主要的五类大型猫科动物拥有非常强大的野外生存能力和捕食技巧,宝宝们熟知的也就有老虎、美洲豹、猎豹、雪豹和狮子。
The so-called “big cats” does not mean big cats, but big cats. So what is a big cat? Unlike domestic pet cats, the five major categories of large cats have very strong wild survival ability and predation skills. Babies are also familiar with tigers, leopards, cheetahs, snow leopards and lions.DK findout儿童百科全书埃及篇
If we compare pet cats with large cats, we will find that there are many similarities between them. Even the “wow” knowledge board nearby says that the ancient Egyptians first tamed wild cats to catch mice and mice.DK findout儿童百科全书罗马篇
In order to adapt to the living place in the wild, these wild “big cats” are very sensitive to vision, smell, hearing, taste and touch, and their whiskers are also one of the important tools.
The bottom left corner of the page below shows the babies a special skill of cats: landing safely.
Let’s take a look at the pedigree of cats. Those “hair balls” of different sizes are actually relatives~~~
Humanities: Maya, Incas, Aztecs
Maya, Inca and azatec were once the three largest civilizations on the American continent. They have their own social systems and systems. Even today, we can still see the historical sites left by these three civilizations in the mountains.
Like ancient China, the monarchy was also practiced in the Mayan civilization. Each king had his own territory. In order to expand the territory, the king between the two cities would fight. The winner would be king, and the loser would be sacrificed by the new monarch.DK findout儿童百科全书科学科普篇
Does the pyramid of social system look familiar? The king always stands on the top of the tower with thousands of people. The lower level is his group of wives and concubines, high priests, officials and children.
And one of the earliest tribal civilizations, their crops are also different because of the geographical environment.
The Maya believe that the world will restart once every 5130 years. The last time the world ends is in 2012~
Nature: Oceans
One of the reasons why the earth is known as the blue planet is that if we look at the earth from outer space through the atmosphere, the surface of the earth will be vast blue. And that’s the same as 71 percent of the earth is ocean.
Do you know how the ocean came into being? The emergence of the ocean has a history of 4 billion years. Due to the plate movement, the ocean changes in different forms every year. According to statistics, the tectonic plate moves about 2.5cm every year.DK findout儿童百科全书科学海洋知识篇
Under the ocean, different depths inhabit different biological partners. However, in the deep-sea area where sunlight can not reach, it is still foggy for human beings.
Do you know the sea dwellers below?
Because of the rapid development, now we can also use the power of the sea to provide us with a convenient life!
历史篇–《World War I》
History: World War IDK findout series include 31 encyclopedias
如果在介绍第一次世界大战的时候,只根据时间线来介绍历史事件,估计大部分娃都没什么兴趣。不过呢~DK这套《Find Out!》却是从不一样的角度展开,给孩子们科普这场世界大战。
If we only introduce historical events according to the time line when we introduce the first World War, it is estimated that most of them are not interested. But ~ DK’s find out But it is not the same point of view, to the children science this world war.
For those who have not experienced war, such a flat trench war gives them a more intuitive visual effect.
Men’s treasure must be very excited to see the sea and air warships used in the war~
In addition to the use of guns and weapons, this gas war was even more appalling in World War I. in a short time, more than 10000 British and French troops were suffocated. In order to travel normally, people needed to wear gas masks on themselves and their horses.DK findout 系列 共31本
Because there are too many contents in the 31 encyclopedias of the whole series,  will not repeat them here. The mothers who like to get the resources quickly and take their children to brush up. It’s the right time for summer vacation to expand their horizons, enhance their knowledge and improve the effect!

本资源包含以下内容:【DK findout 系列 共31本】

科学-Dorling Kindsley
罗马-Peter Chrisp
恐龙-Dorling Kindsley
古罗马-Dorling Kindsley

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