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A world of MONEY
金钱的世界DK heads up MONEY

it has been said that “money makes the world go round” and it seems that we really can’t live without it. we all need money, and yet few of us really
understand what money is and why it matters so much. why does paper currency, a coin, or a piece of plastic enable us to buy the things we want? how does
economics affect businesses and jobs? how does economics affect our environment, our society, and the world? and what choices do we need to consider to have the life we want and to secure our future?
经济影响企业和就业?经济如何影响我们的环境、社会和世界?我们需要考虑什么样的选择来拥有我们想要的生活和确保我们的未来? DK heads up money makes the world go round

what is psychology?
people are endlessly fascinating. the closer you look, the more complicated they become. psychology is a scientific discipline that is devoted to understanding what makes us who we are. by studying our minds and our behavior, it seeks to unravel the immense, rich complexity of being human.
人是无限迷人的。你看得越近,它们就越复杂。心理学是一门科学,致力于理解是什么造就了我们。通过研究我们的思想和行为,它试图解开人类巨大而丰富的复杂性。DK heads up Psychology is a scientific discipline

what is philosophy?
什么是哲学?DK全球视觉heads up Philosophy
why is there anything at all? what makes things right and wrong? does god exist? in trying to understand the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, philosophy tackles some of the greatest mysteries of all. many such questions have puzzled philosophers for centuries. philosophy developed to question what people often take for granted.
为什么会有什么?什么使事情正确和错误?上帝存在吗?在试图理解知识、现实和存在的基本性质时,哲学解决了一些最大的谜团。许多这样的问题困扰了哲学家好几个世纪。哲学发展到质疑人们通常认为什么是理所当然的。DK全球视觉heads up philosophy tackles some of the greatest mysteries

About Heads Up Sociology
Why does racism exist? Is Big Brother watching us? Why are women paid less than men? Investigate society’s hidden truths, from gender and identity politics to consumer culture with this insightful guide.


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