DK全球视觉The Science of Goo粘糊糊的科学from saliva and slime to frogspawn and fungus

Giant slime
From sticky snot and slimy snail trails to stretchy toy slime and giant fatbergs, goo is found just about everywhere. Whether it is sticky, slimy, slippery, or sludgy, goo is fascinating stuff.

Maddie Rae’s giant slime weighed 13,820lb (6,268kg)— equal to four hippopotamuses.
Maddie Rae的巨大黏液重13820磅(6268公斤)——相当于四只河马。

Sticky, stretchy, homemade slime has become a popular toy because it can be made easily by combining a few simple products.
In 2017, American slime entrepreneur Maddie Rae and a group of volunteers made a giant pool of slime that weighed a whopping 13,820lb (6,268kg).
2017年,美国黏液企业家Maddie Rae和一群志愿者制作了一个巨大的黏液池,重达13820磅(6268千克)。

Craft glue is made up of molecules arranged in long chains that can slide past each other. Adding water helps the molecules slide more easily. When an activator is added, the boron it contains sticks the chains together, turning the mixture into strong, stretchy slime.

When placed in a container, slime spreads out slowly like a liquid to fill it, but in your hands it can be molded like a solid.
Pulling slime quickly makes it break, whereas pulling it slowly keeps it stretchy but intact.

Devil’s fingers fungus Like fingers sprouting from the ground, these fiendish fungi have blood-red tentacles covered in a dark, foul-smelling goo that attracts insects.

Native to Australia and now found across Europe and North America, devil’s fingers fungi grow from egg-like cases in woodland soil to reveal vibrant red fingers.
The dark slime on the fingers contains the seedlike spores

needed for new fungi to grow, and has a strong stench of rotting meat. Flies and other bugs are attracted by the smell, eat the slime, and spread the spores in their droppings.

New devil’s fingers fungi grow from tiny spores.
When they land on the ground, the spores grow threads called hyphae, which fuse with other hyphae, feed on the soil, and develop into new fungi.

Slippery frog spawn Female frogs lay their gooey, jellylike eggs, called frog spawn, underwater. Some species can lay as many as 100,000 eggs in their lifetime.

Slimy snot
Grab a tissue! You constantly make gooey gunk in your nose and throat. In fact, each person produces as much as 3.2 pints (1.5 liters) of slimy snot every day.

Nature’s nose pickers
Boogers can block the noses of many animals, not only humans, so our furry friends have had to find some interesting ways to keep the snot at bay.

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