DK幼儿园语言艺术数学科学启蒙练习册DK language arts math and science level K-3 workbook别共4册(内页为黑白非彩页)

Boost your child’s skills with fun activities and exercises that introduce key concepts in spelling, math, and science.
Whether you want to teach your child at home, give them extra support outside the classroom, or find fun stimulation for your budding genius, this workbook has something for everyone.
Home learning can be fun with these exercises, featuring drawing, puzzles, kitchen-science experiments, and more. This write-in book provides an introduction to key skills in literacy, numeracy, and science. To help the parent/carer, there are answer pages and notes providing further guidance; and there’s no need to buy any specialist equipment or craft supplies – just pick up a pencil!
家庭学习可以与这些练习,包括绘画,拼图,厨房科学实验,和更多的乐趣。这本书介绍了识字、算术和科学的关键技能。为了帮助父母/看护者,有提供进一步指导的答题页和笔记;而且不需要购买任何专业设备或工艺用品-只要拿起一支铅笔!DK language arts math and science featuring drawing, puzzles, kitchen-science experiments
With 60 activity pages to keep your child entertained as well as educated and a reward certificate on completion, there’s something in a DK workbook for every child to learn and enjoy.

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