DK castles Conquer the uworld’s most impressive castles世界上最令人印象深刻的城堡

During wars, defensive buildings were needed to protect the lands around them and also to act as a base from which attacks could be launched. Forts were strong military buildings, but they weren’t used as homes for nobles like castles were.
在战争期间,需要防御建筑来保护周围的土地,并作为发动攻击的基地。堡垒是坚固的军事建筑,但它们不像城堡那样被用作贵族的家园。 What is a castle?

Medieval castle Castles have been built for hundreds of years, but perhaps the most familiar are those built in Europe toward the end of the Middle Ages.
These medieval castles, such as Bodiam Castle in England, often have stone walls, tall towers, moats, and drawbridges.

very much, building styles changed over time. New tools and materials made it easier to construct better and stronger fortresses. Castle designs also had to adapt to the development of new weapons and military strategies, to keep inhabitants safe.
建筑风格随着时间的推移发生了很大的变化。新的工具和材料使建造更好更坚固的堡垒变得更容易。城堡的设计还必须适应新武器和军事战略的发展,以确保居民的安全。 an early spring morning in Wales, people were already bustling about the castle of Hen Domen. From lighting fires to tending the fields, there was plenty to do.
Hen Domen’s keep sat high on a huge hill of piled-up soil called a motte, next to a courtyard enclosed by a protective outer wall—the bailey.
Motte and bailey castles were formidable, but not too challenging to build. Hen Domen was newly constructed, so craftspeople were busy creating homes for the new residents.
莫特城堡和贝利城堡令人望而生畏,但建造起来并不太具有挑战性。汉多门是新建的,所以工匠们正忙着为新居民建造房屋。 A frosty flight
By winter, Stephen’s army had surrounded Oxford Castle and trapped Empress Matilda inside. Matilda and her surviving soldiers were huddled within the thick walls of St.
George’s Tower watching their supplies dwindle by the day. However, the newly frozen river gave them an idea for a risky but clever escape plan.
In the dead of night, the empress and three of her closest knights sneaked out of the castle walls.
在夜深人静的时候,皇后和她最亲近的三位骑士从城堡的围墙里溜了出来。 Pheasant
Castle cooks often made elaborate dishes to surprise and amaze the guests. A roasted pheasant, for example, might be adorned with its own tail feathers.

Ballista The ballista was a supersized crossbow. This device, first used by the ancient Greeks in around 400 BCE, could sling heavy objects a long way.

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