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Why use a thesaurus?
The main reason for using a thesaurus is to find synonyms, or alternative words, to help you with your writing. In addition, this thesaurus will identify what kind of word
使用同义词词典的主要原因是寻找同义词或替代词,以帮助你写作。此外,这本词典将确定什么样的词 (part of speech) it is and provide helpful definitions and examples. It will also give antonyms, or words that mean the opposite to the one you look up, wherever possible.
(词性)它是,并提供有用的定义和例子。如果可能的话,它也会给出反义词,或者与你所查找的反义词意思相反的词。 What is a synonym?
A synonym is a word that means the same – or almost the same – as another word, for example “little” and “small”. Most of the time, there is no such thing as a true synonym. If two words mean exactly the same thing, then why bother having both? Rather, a synonym can or could mean the same thing as another word
同义词是指与另一个词意思相同或几乎相同的词,例如“little”和“small”。大多数时候,没有真正的同义词。如果两个词的意思完全相同,那么为什么要同时拥有这两个词呢?相反,同义词可以或可能意味着与另一个词相同的东西 Improve your vocabulary What is an antonym?
Synonyms can help you improve your writing by using more interesting words. For example, instead of putting “she said” in a story, using “she shouted” can tell the reader that she might be angry or in a noisy room. It is also much more interesting to use and read a variety of words than writing “she said” all the time!
同义词可以通过使用更有趣的单词来帮助你提高写作水平。例如,使用“她喊叫”可以告诉读者她可能生气了,或者在一个嘈杂的房间里,而不是在故事中写“她说”。使用和阅读各种各样的单词也比一直写“她说”有趣得多! Parts of speech
To help you find the right entry in the thesaurus, it can help to know the type of word (or “part of speech”) you’re looking up. Some words can be used in different ways, such as “bend” – this can be a verb (to bend over) or a noun (a bend in the river). Here are the main parts of speech and how they fit together.
为了帮助您在同义词库中找到正确的词条,了解您正在查找的单词类型(或“词性”)会有所帮助。有些词可以用不同的方式使用,比如“bend”——可以是动词(弯腰),也可以是名词(河湾)。以下是演讲的主要部分以及它们是如何组合在一起的。 Verb
An action (or “doing word”). These include any sort of action – such as run, breathe, and sleep – and also “helping” verbs, which may be used with other verbs to show how possible or necessary an action is. These include: have, will, be, must, may, and do. For example, he must run to catch the bus; she will come to the party.

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