DK disney princess craft book More than 25 magical craft projects to make at home迪士尼公主手工书超过25个魔法手工艺项目可在家制作

The key to creating Disney magic is preparation, so here is some important information to read before you start. You’ll also find useful crafting tips and tricks to help everything run smoothly and ensure you get the best results.
创造迪士尼魔术的关键是准备,所以在你开始之前,这里有一些重要的信息要读。您还将发现有用的工艺技巧和窍门,以帮助一切顺利运行,并确保您获得最佳效果。 Important note to parents and carers The projects in this book may require adult help and supervision, depending on your child’s age and ability. Always ensure that your child uses tools that are appropriate to their age, and offer help and supervision as necessary to keep them safe.
父母和看护者的重要提示本书中的项目可能需要成人的帮助和监督,具体取决于您孩子的年龄和能力。始终确保您的孩子使用适合其年龄的工具,并提供必要的帮助和监督,以确保他们的安全。 Safety first
All of the projects in this book should be approached with care, so make sure you read these safety tips first! • Keep young children (under six years of age) and pets away from the crafting area. • Don’t allow any ingredients to come into contact with your eyes or mouth. • Don’t eat or drink whilst creating a project.
本书中的所有项目都应小心处理,因此请确保您首先阅读这些安全提示!•让年幼儿童(6岁以下)和宠物远离手工艺区。•不要让任何成分接触到你的眼睛或嘴巴创建项目时不要吃或喝。 • Paint and food colouring can stain surfaces and clothing. If you want to protect your hands, you could wear gloves. • Wash your hands and clean all equipment when you have finished a project. • If you have any allergies (such as to eggs, acrylic paint or essential oils), avoid projects that utilize these ingredients, substitute if possible or protect yourself appropriately.
•油漆和食用色素会污染表面和衣物。如果你想保护你的手,你可以戴手套完成项目后,洗手并清洁所有设备如果你对鸡蛋、丙烯酸漆或精油过敏,避免使用这些成分的项目,如果可能的话,替换或适当保护自己。 How to use templates This book includes templates on pages 60–63 to help you achieve the perfect shapes for the best end results in some of the more complicated projects. Follow the instructions at the back of the book.

Crafting essentials


Most of the supplies, ingredients and equipment used in this book are easy-to-find household products – you may have them in your desk drawer already! Everything else can be purchased online or at your local hardware, department,


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