DK dragon world meet the fire breathing beasts of mythologyDK dragon world meet the fire breathing beasts of mythology龙世界与神话中的喷火兽相遇

What are dragons?
Because dragon myths vary from culture to culture, and because dragons come in so many different forms, it is hard to put them together in a single category. However, wherever they come from, there are several common characteristics that many of them share.

Where did dragons come from?
There are many theories about where dragon tales originate. One is they were invented as a way for people to explain early discoveries of dinosaur bones. Another is as a reaction to man’s natural fear of huge reptiles, big cats, and large birds of prey, but nobody knows for sure

the Asian dragon is usually an honorable, brave, and wise creature. Many have a close

bond with humans, some were believed to be parents of human children, while others could take human form. Most Asian dragons use their powers to protect humans, although there are a few exceptions to this rule.

dragon myths exist across most of Asia. Asian dragons are known to love water and usually live near it, or deep beneath the waves. Many are wingless, but fly using magic—allowing them to move between the land, air, and water.

many dragons have body parts from different animals, but the Long is

unique in that it is made up of body parts from different animals, usually the ones shown here.

History of the Long There are many stories about how the Long came to be, but it is most commonly thought that ancient Chinese tribes each had an animal totem or emblem. As these tribes came together their emblems were combined, creating the iconic Chinese dragon that we commonly see today.

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