DK How Super Cool Tech Works超级酷科技的工作原理

Some of the coolest technology is the most fun technology, and this chapter is packed with things that are designed for you to play around with in your free time. Explore how holographic headsets, pens that can draw in midair, and wafer-thin television screens work.

Play Room The HoloLens can transform any scene to suit any activity, such as playing a game. The device detects the shapes of the objects in the area and adds interactive holographic images to them wherever you look.
游戏室全息镜头可以变换任何场景以适合任何活动,例如玩游戏。该设备检测该区域内物体的形状,并在你看的任何地方向其添加交互式全息图像。 Different uses The HoloLens can be used as a communication aid. A holographic video window shows the caller, but the technology also allows that caller to see the world just like you do—and even draw holographic instructions before your eyes.
全息透镜有不同的用途,可用作通讯工具。全息视频窗口显示来电者,但该技术也允许来电者像你一样看到世界,甚至在你眼前绘制全息指令。 Communication The holographic processor is able to turn a 2-D design made on a screen into a 3-D version that can be viewed from all angles. The hologram can then be made real using a 3-D printer
通信全息处理器能够将屏幕上的二维设计转换成可以从各个角度观看的三维版本。然后,全息图可以用三维打印机制作成真实的图像 HOLOLENS The Microsoft HoloLens merges the real and virtual worlds through holographic technology. This is augmented reality, where physical objects have holograms laid over them. The HoloLens can turn any wall into a TV screen, turn any table into a personal computer, or create an entirely imaginary world to explore.

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