DK insects and spiders explore nature with fun facts and activities昆虫和蜘蛛通过有趣的事实和活动探索大自然

Looking at insects
Many insects are so small that you cannot see them in detail, so they might not seem interesting. However, with a few pieces of equipment and some practice, you can soon learn about their fascinating ways and habits. Look for insects on leaves and flowers, under stones and logs, and in the soil.

Make a sketch of what you see. Label features such as wings or unusually shaped legs. Note the insect’s size, color, and where it lives. You can finish the sketch later— and you’ll soon improve with practice.

What is an insect?
There are more than a million types of insect. Check that a creature is an insect by using the 3 + 3 rule. A typical insect has three parts to its body: head, thorax (middle part), and abdomen (end part). An insect also has three pairs of legs. Many insects have wings and antennae, or “feelers,” on the head.

Are spiders insects?
Spiders are not insects, because spiders have four pairs of legs. A spider’s body has only two parts: the first part is a combined head and thorax, and the second part is the abdomen.
Spiders are related to scorpions, ticks, and mites. Together, these form the group called arachnids.

Legs and leaping
Most adult insects move swiftly on their six legs. They may not seem very fast to us because they are so small. If an ant were as big as a human, however, it could run five times faster than an Olympic sprinter, while a human-sized flea could leap over a 40-story building.

Walking on water
Where air and water meet, a stretchy “skin” forms at the water’s surface. Since many insects are tiny, this skin is strong enough to support them. Some bugs and beetles can run on it. Underwater insects hang from it and poke their breathing tubes up into the air, or collect air bubbles.

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