DK is a book publishing company founded by Peter Kindersley and ChristopherDK是1974年由Peter Kindersley和Christopher Dorling建立的图书出版公司,公司名为DK。
DK is a book publishing company founded by Peter Kindersley and Christopher Dorling in 1974.
Their vision is to create books with visual impact and rich information, so that readers can understand every topic.
In 1982, DK began to publish books in the UK under its own brand name.
DK books are considered to be life guides for learning from birth to old age.
DK was like a studio at the beginning, creating books for other publishers, and internationalization has become an important concept of DK books since then.DK began to publish books LEGO
Using more pictures makes DK books different at the beginning. It emphasizes both pictures and text, which makes DK books easier to read and understand.

About LEGO 100 Ways to Rebuild the World
You’re never too young to change the world!
Discover 100 fun ideas to be kind and spread joy to the world around you. Get creative with your LEGO® bricks and be inspired to care for others, yourself, and the planet.
– Make a neighbour a LEGO thank-you card
– Get active with a LEGO building race
– Create a LEGO emoji to make your friend smile
– Plant bee-friendly flowers and build LEGO bees to spread the message
– Bring joy to your neighbourhood with a LEGO rainbow in your window
How will you rebuild the world?
你将如何重建世界?Bring joy to your neighbourhood with a LEGO DK

The LEGO Games Book 50 fun brainteasers, games, challenges, and puzzles by Dorling Kindersley
乐高游戏书50有趣的脑筋急转弯,游戏,挑战,和难题多林金德斯利The LEGO Games Book 50 fun brainteasers by dk

Trying to hear a whispered word can lead to funny results. Let a
friend whisper a building idea to you and see whether you can
make the correct model. This game starts out quietly, but it might end in loud laughter!
Put On A Magic Show And Other Great LEGO Ideas by DK
放在一个魔术表演和其他伟大的乐高由DK的想法LEGO Harry Potter Magical Treasury by DK PUBLISH

LEGO Minifigure Handbook
LEGO 迷你图 手册
LEGO, Create a Castle and Other Great LEGO Ideas by DK
乐高,创建一个城堡和其他伟大的乐高DK的想法Build  a Rocket and Other Great LEGO Ideas  DK

Who needs a time machine when you can build your own medieval models? Search your LEGO® collection for wheels, weapons and chains. Brown and grey pieces make good wooden or stone structures,
while LEGO® Technic parts can help create working mechanisms. Here are some pieces that might come in useful – what else can you find?
LEGO Life Hacks
乐高生活黑客DK 50 Ways to Beat Boredom with Lego Bricks by DK Publishing
LEGO Harry Potter Magical Treasury
LEGO 100 Ways to Rebuild the World Get inspired to make the world an awesome place
DK 50 Ways to Beat Boredom with Lego Bricks by DK Publishing
DK 50的方式击败无聊的乐高积木由DK出版
Build  a Rocket and Other Great LEGO Ideas  DK
建造火箭和其他伟大的乐高创意Great LEGO Ideas by DK

To create spectacular space models, think about what sort of bricks you’ll need. Curved pieces, moving parts, metallic details and antennas will give your models a sleek, space-age look. Here are some LEGO® pieces that may come in handy if you have them, but look through
your own bricks and you’re sure to find many more!

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