DK Let’s Get Gardening 30 easy gardening projects for children让我们为孩子们准备30个简单的园艺项目

Be an eco-friendly gardener

Being eco-friendly means thinking about how what we do affects nature, from tiny seedlings to huge trees, and the animals that rely on them. It’s also about keeping in mind that you are part of nature, too. Get out there and get gardening!
环保意味着思考我们所做的事情如何影响自然,从小苗到大树,以及依赖它们的动物。这也是要记住你也是大自然的一部分。出去种花! What does an eco-friendly gardener do Grows vegetables Vegetables that you grow yourself are by far the best. They are tasty and healthy to eat, save money, and help the environment by reducing pollution from the vehicles that carry them to supermarkets. No plastic packaging here!
一个环保的园丁会做什么?你自己种的蔬菜是最好的。它们味道鲜美,吃起来健康,省钱,并通过减少运送它们到超市的车辆的污染来保护环境。这里没有塑料包装! Protects wildlife We can attract wildlife to our gardens by planting plants that encourage animals to visit, and by giving them a safe home. Gardens are vital habitats for animals in cities, where many areas have been paved over.

Reduces waste We can reuse and recycle things from the home so we don’t have to throw them away. Food waste can be used as compost, while broken items can find a new purpose in the garden.
减少浪费我们可以重复利用和回收家里的东西,这样我们就不用把它们扔掉了。食物垃圾可以用作堆肥,而破碎的物品可以在花园中找到新的用途。 Makes home greener Bring plants inside to help make your home prettier and healthier. Plants clean the air and make for a much nicer indoor environment.
让家变得更绿。把植物放在家里,让你的家更漂亮、更健康。植物可以净化空气,创造更好的室内环境。 Gets healthy Gardening is good for you! Research has shown that digging in the soil makes you feel happier, and it’s also good exercise.

What is a plant?
A plant is a living thing that makes food from sunlight. There are nearly 400,000 types of plant! They have flowers, leaves, stems, and roots.

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