DK life skills creativity problem solving mindfulness empathy teamwork生活技能创造力问题解决正念移情团队合作

Up, up, and away!
As you set off on your life’s adventures, there will be high points, low points, and all the points in between.
This book is designed to help you navigate your journey. Get to know yourself, believe in what you can do, build confidence to tackle challenges, and grab some exciting opportunities along the way.
这本书旨在帮助你导航你的旅程。了解自己,相信自己能做什么,树立应对挑战的信心,并在前进的道路上抓住一些激动人心的机会。 What are life skills?
Imagine having your own toolbox that you can use to handle whatever life might throw at you. That’s exactly what life skills are.
Developing life skills will help you solve existing problems, and step into the future full of confidence and ready to tackle all kinds of challenging situations.
发展生活技能将帮助你解决现有的问题,充满信心地迈向未来,并准备好应对各种挑战。 If you’ve ever faced a tricky decision to make or a problem to solve, you know how tough it can be. Learning different ways to break things down and work through options can help you make confident choices and find the best solutions.
Things might not work out exactly as you’d like every time, but learning from your mistakes is one of the most valuable lessons in life.
事情可能不会每次都像你想的那样顺利,但从错误中吸取教训是人生中最宝贵的一课。 Making decisions…
Making decisions and solving problems are important skills that often go together. As you read this book, you’ll learn tips and tricks that will help you develop these skills.
做决定和解决问题是两种重要的技能,它们往往是相辅相成的。当你读这本书的时候,你会学到一些技巧和窍门来帮助你发展这些技能。 I’ve got a feeling
One of the most powerful tools you can use when you’re faced with a tricky situation is your intuition. It’s sometimes called your “gut feeling,” and it can help you make decisions and solve problems.

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