DK microbites Gladiators: Riveting Reads for Curious Kids口袋书角斗士:吸引好奇的孩子阅读

DK 2020新书 角斗士:为好奇的孩子们准备的读物 Gladiators: Riveting Reads for Curious Kids

Picture the scene: a huge stadium in ancient Rome is packed with a noisy, excited crowd. They are here to watch gladiators fight to the death. Suddenly, the spectators fall silent as a fighter falls to the ground wounded. Then they start to shout in Latin “Iugula!” It means “Kill him!”
想象一下这个场景:古罗马的一个巨大体育场挤满了喧闹、兴奋的人群。他们在这里观看角斗士战斗到死亡。突然,当一名战士受伤倒在地上时,观众陷入了沉默。然后他们开始用拉丁语喊“Iugula!”意思是“杀了他!” DEADLY HEROES
gladiators were the superstars of their time. They were adored by their fans
and rewarded with large sums of money— just like today’s stars of music, sports, and film. But there was one crucial difference between gladiators and modern crowd-pleasers—these Roman entertainers killed one another. Cold-blooded killing was their job.
并获得巨额奖金——就像今天的音乐、体育和电影明星一样。但是角斗士和现代的群众取悦者之间有一个关键的区别,这些罗马艺人互相残杀。冷血杀戮是他们的工作。 BY 120 CE, AS MANY AS 50 MILLION PEOPLE LIVED UNDER ROMAN RULE.
The rise of Rome It was during the years of the Roman Republic that Rome developed into the strongest force in Italy. Rome gradually overpowered Italy’s other city-states and brought them under its control. A long series of wars fought against Carthage, a major power based in North Africa, ended in victory for Rome in 146 BCE.
罗马的崛起正是在罗马共和国时期,罗马发展成为意大利最强大的力量。罗马逐渐战胜了意大利的其他城邦,并将它们置于其控制之下。一系列针对迦太基的战争在公元前146年结束,迦太基是北非的一个主要强国。Reforming general
In the 1st century BCE, Gaius Marius (157–86 BCE), a leading politician and general, introduced some major reforms to the military.
在公元前1世纪,著名政治家和将军盖乌斯·马吕斯(Gaius Marius,公元前157-86年)对军队进行了一些重大改革。
One was to make the troops full-time soldiers rather than part-timers. Another was to let poor men join the army. Also, soldiers were to be paid and equipped by the state for the first time. The changes brought about by Marius helped the Roman army become the supreme fighting force of its time.

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