DK My First Vegetarian Cook Book我的第一本素食烹饪书


ALWAYS ASK AN ADULT for help with anything hot or sharp. WASH YOUR HANDS to help prevent the spread of germs. KEEP A TIDY KITCHEN and wipe up spills that could cause accidents.
任何热的或尖锐的东西都要向成年人求助。洗手有助于防止细菌传播。保持厨房整洁,清除可能导致事故的溢出物。 Here’s a guide to the equipment used in this book. Obviously you’ll only need certain items for each recipe, so read through each one before you begin to make sure you have what you need.
这是本书所用设备的指南。显然,每个食谱只需要特定的项目,所以在你开始确定你有你需要的之前,请仔细阅读每一个项目。 EAT A RAINBOW
Meet the stars of the show! Fruit and veg are packed with wonderful things your body needs. Every colour is good in different ways – whether it’s helping you grow big and strong,
stopping you from getting ill, or giving you energy. So don’t just stop at one or two! Fill your plate with a rainbow of flavour.
阻止你生病,或者给你能量。所以不要只停留在一两个!用彩虹般的味道填满你的盘子。 PREPARING YOUR INGREDIENTS
Your fruit and veg need a little love and care before they’re ready to be used. There are lots of ways to prepare them, but these basic skills are bound to be useful again and again.
你的水果和蔬菜在准备使用前需要一点关爱。有很多方法来准备它们,但这些基本技能肯定会一次又一次地有用。 MEET THE GREENS
HOWDY ALL! First up there’s bold broccoli, then there’s amazing avocado, followed by luscious lime,
powerful peas, great green beans, and last but not least, strong spinach! Greens are good for your overall health and in particular your blood and heart.
强大的豌豆,伟大的绿豆,最后但并非最不重要的,强大的菠菜!绿色食品对你的整体健康有好处,尤其是对你的血液和心脏。 GREEN BEANS Great green beans are a source of healthy natural chemicals found in plants (phytochemicals). If you cook green beans for too long they will lose a lot of their benefits. Plus, nobody likes a soggy bean!
绿豆大绿豆是植物中健康的天然化学物质(植物化学物质)的来源。如果你煮青豆太久,它们会失去很多好处。另外,没人喜欢湿漉漉的豆子! Superhero spinach to the rescue! These simple tarts are easy to make for an afternoon snack or as part of a main meal. Try crumbling feta cheese on each tart to add flavour and extra dairy into your diet.

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