DK My First Yoga瑜伽启蒙课我的第一本瑜伽Fun and simple yoga poses for babies and toddlers

Dear parents, Thank you for choosing to explore yoga with your little one.


Yoga has many benefits: it can improve strength, balance, and coordination, as well as promote confidence and mindfulness.


The simple poses in this book are perfectly suited for children ages 1–3, and are based on positions that young children naturally get into when they play.


To ensure your child practices safely, encourage them to keep their joints “soft,” or bent. Avoid pushing “flexibility,” since this can put stress on joints and muscles.


You’ll find variations of the poses within this book. Yoga for young children is not about being perfectly in position—it’s about playing and having fun! The order of the gentle poses has been designed to first engage, then energize, and finally relax your child.


After sharing this book once, why not shake up the order of the poses and create different stories together based on the characters? Turn the page to begin your child’s first yoga journey.


Close your eyes. Take five long, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.
闭上眼睛。用鼻子吸气,用嘴呼气,做五次长而深的呼吸。 Place both your feet firmly on the ground and then let your arms fall by your sides, palms forward.

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