DK recycle and remake creative projects for eco kids为生态儿童回收和改造创意项目

New things from old trash
The activities in this book are designed to help you make stuff from things that you might otherwise throw out. You will find the list of things you can rescue from the trash at the start of each project in the “from the garbage” section.
Collect your materials from what you already have at home and give them a cleaning before you use them. Please don’t buy new garbage to make the projects in this book!

Planet health check.
The Earth is our home. However, we humans don’t always take care of it properly. Understanding what we do wrong can help us fix it.

No such thing as “away” When you throw something out, it doesn’t really go away. Most garbage is burned or dumped in a landfill, but some can be recycled. Recycling means making waste into

Plastic pollution
Plastic waste takes thousands of years to break down into tiny pieces. Unwanted plastic can hurt animals that get caught in it or eat it accidentally.

The plastic problem
Plastic is very useful! We use it for everything from straws to buildings. The problem is that once it’s made, plastic never really goes away.

Where does plastic come from?
Most plastic is made from oil, which takes millions of years to form deep inside the Earth. Oil is drilled out from under the ground or under the sea.

Save the middle part! You can use it to make a bee hotel on the next page.

Cut the top and the bottom off a bottle. Both pieces can be used to make planters

Decorate the planters by painting on a pattern or picture. You might need more than one coat of paint to make the colors pop!
通过在图案或图画上作画来装饰花盆。你可能需要不止一层油漆才能使颜色流行起来! From the garbage Cardboard boxes
Extra supplies Ruler Scissors Paint and paintbrushes
额外供应尺子、剪刀、油漆和漆刷 Homegrown food
Food grown on the other side of the world is often transported to other countries by plane or boat, which pollutes the air and sea. Check labels to find food that was grown locally, or try to grow your own.

More than half of all the mammals in the world are farm animals, such as cows and sheep. Humans make up another third. Less than one in every twenty mammals in the world is a wild animal.

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