DK seashore explore nature with fun facts and activities海滨-以有趣的事实和活动探索自然

The seashore
It’s fun at the seaside! In warm weather, it is a good place to keep cool, and there is always lots to do and see. In this book, you can find out about seashore plants and animals, and explore the different types of coasts.

Always ready Some seashore animals are stuck to rocks, so they cannot run away. This makes them easy to study. Other animals are always on the alert for danger and will run or swim away if they see you coming.

Exploring the shore You can find out a lot about seashore wildlife without any equipment at all, but you will discover even more if you have a dip net.

What shapes the shore? The shore is always on the move. In some places, the sea eats away at the land, so the shore moves back. In other places, it builds up banks of sand or shingle, so the shore moves forwards towards the sea. By knowing what to look for, you can see these changes at work.

Making waves Waves are made by the wind. When the wind blows over the ocean, it pushes and drags against the surface. The surface starts to ripple and waves form. Waves can travel huge distances. A storm can whip up waves in one part of an ocean, but many hours may pass before they reach the shore.

Tides and tidal zones The world’s highest tides are found in the Bay of Fundy, between Canada and the

Signs in the sand A sandy or muddy shore is a perfect place for spotting tracks. When the tide falls, it leaves a smooth, damp surface. Animal feet sink in as they walk over the sand or mud, leaving a tell-tale trail of footprints.

High and dry For humans, cliffs can be dangerous places, so be careful when you go on a clifftop walk. However, for some animals, cliffs are places of safety. Seabirds breed on cliffs because their enemies cannot reach them there. For a few weeks every

Just visiting
In many parts of the world, the seashore is visited by different animals at different times of the year. In winter, many birds fly in from colder places far away. In spring and summer, the shore is a place where animals raise their young. Summer is also when humans flock to the coast for their holidays.

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