DK tarot connect with yourself develop your intuition live mindfully塔罗牌与你自己联系培养你的直觉,用心生活



When I was a child, I used to spend my days playing with fierce dragons, exploring the vast reaches of the solar system, and performing songs for a kingdom of various toy animals.


All of us have participated in variations of this when we were younger; but as we grow up, we learn to leave this fantastical world of imagination behind.



The older I get, the more I believe those childhood daydreams hold the key for us to live more meaningful lives as adults.


When we were young, the boundary between our inner and outer world wasn’t so opaque; these worlds existed in unison with one another. Our lives were rich and full of wonder.


When we learn to differentiate and separate our inner world from the outer, we


lose our innocence. The more palpable the walls become between our inner lives and outer experiences, the more vacant our lives seem, and the harder it is to peer beyond that boundary.
This makes us feel empty, fragmented, and isolated, like a part of ourselves is missing. But that vivid life we once led never really disappears; it lives on, hidden in our unconscious, appearing in dreams and nightmares, and sometimes projected onto other people without us even knowing.
And when we react to those projections so intensely, we never know that we are reacting to something that is a part of our self. Reclaiming these projections as part of our own psyche also reclaims our personal
当我们对这些投射做出如此强烈的反应时,我们永远不会知道我们是在对自己的一部分做出反应。把这些投射物作为我们自己心灵的一部分,也会重新找回我们的个人意识 power. It gives us the knowledge of what truly exists, versus what our fears or anxieties have placed there.
Once we rediscover the language of symbols and archetypes (the same language expressed in our dreams, our imagination, and, yes, tarot), we unlock a whole new layer of the world—one that is alive and surging with vitality, deeply connected and interwoven, and has the potential to unite us with our environment.
When we tell stories through tarot, we are joining our inner world with our everyday experiences. Through that lens, we find new ways of relating to things that we may otherwise consider mundane, random, or incomprehensible. Hugging a stuffed toy is a
当我们通过塔罗牌讲故事时,我们将自己的内心世界与日常经验结合起来。通过这个镜头,我们发现了一些新的方式来看待那些我们可以认为是平凡的、随机的或不可理解的事物。拥抱一个毛绒玩具是一种乐趣 way to comfort your inner child. A stressful routine can be an arduous quest to reach your potential. A confrontation with a difficult person can really be about us recognizing what we dislike and fear the most in ourselves.
It is through our ability to tell stories about our experiences, and our own unique journey, that we both discover and create meaning. Even if it does nothing else for you, it is my hope that working with the tarot is just one path that helps you develop your own symbolic capacity and find an anchor in an

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