DK the brain book Memory matter and your mind大脑书籍记忆物质和你的大脑



This book is a voyage around the inside of your head. We’re going to explore what brains are made of, how they work, and how they make you who you are. Everything that you feel, see, hear, taste, and smell depends on messages traveling around your brain.


Every move you make is controlled by your brain and all your emotions— happiness and sadness, frustration and joy, fear and love—are created by your brain. All brains are similar, but each one is unique.


Some differences depend on information in the DNA we inherit from our parents, others are caused by our experiences and what we learn. Brains can absorb huge amounts of knowledge— I hope yours enjoys finding out about itself!


What is a brain?
The mysterious organ inside your head is called the brain. It is what makes you who you are. All of your thoughts, experiences, and feelings happen in the brain.
你大脑中的神秘器官叫做大脑。这就是你成为你自己的原因。你所有的想法、经历和感觉都发生在大脑中。 Brain story
Some people think that the brain is the most complex object in the universe! In this book, we are going to learn about many things that scientists know about this amazing structure.
有些人认为大脑是宇宙中最复杂的物体!在这本书中,我们将了解科学家们对这一惊人结构的许多了解。 WHY DO I NEED A BRAIN?
Your brain allows you to move around and do many things. It helps you to remember things, to learn, to eat and drink, to stay safe, and to make friends.
你的大脑允许你四处走动,做很多事情。它帮助你记住事情,学习,吃喝,保持安全,交朋友。 Brain areas Here is what it looks like if you slice a brain down the middle. The brain is made of many areas, which have different functions, but they all work together to make you, you!
这里的大脑区域是从大脑中间切下来的。大脑是由许多区域组成的,它们有不同的功能,但它们都共同工作来创造你,你!Peripheral nervous system Nervous system The brain gathers information from all of the senses and tells the body what to do. All of this communication happens along nerves, which run to and from the brain and throughout the body.

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