DK The Magic of Sleep A Fascinating Guide to the World of Slumber睡眠的魔力睡眠世界的迷人指南

Meet our sleep guide Cats LOVE to snooze, so who better to guide you through the magical and mysterious world of sleep than your very own sleep expert, Mimi Cat.

Everyone needs to sleep. In fact, you have to sleep to survive—just like you must eat and drink! Even with lots of research by scientists, we still know very little about sleep.


And after an awesome night’s sleep, you feel like you can take on the world!


Sleeping positions How do you sleep? Curled up in a ball or sprawled all over the bed? Most of us sleep in one of the common positions below (though you might change positions many times throughout the night!). Which one matches you best?
睡觉姿势你怎么睡觉?蜷缩成一团还是四肢伸开躺在床上?我们大多数人都睡在下面常见的姿势之一(尽管你可能会整夜多次变换姿势!)。哪一个最适合你? BLESS YOU! Scientists say it is nearly impossible to sneeze when you sleep because your brain stops sending signals to your nose when you are sleeping.
祝福你!科学家说,当你睡觉时打喷嚏几乎是不可能的,因为当你睡觉时,你的大脑停止向你的鼻子发送信号。 Larks and Owls Do you spring out of bed first thing in the morning? Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for the day? Or do you pull the covers over your head looking for more snooze time?
Most of us fall into specific sleep pattern groups and our genetics play a role in which group we belong to.
我们大多数人都属于特定的睡眠模式群体,我们的基因在我们所属的群体中起着作用。 SWIFTS AND WOODCOCKS! A chronotype defines your sleep pattern! We know of three, but more research is being uncovered and there are suggestions there may be more, called swifts and woodcocks!
雨燕和木鸡!计时类型定义了你的睡眠模式!我们知道有三种,但更多的研究正在被发现,有人建议可能还有更多,称为雨燕和伍德考克! The BODY
What happens to our bodies when we sleep? Do we just turn ourselves off? The body can become quite busy while we are peacefully snoozing. It moves into maintenance mode, recovering from damage and protecting itself against future illness and injury.

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