Ramses the Great to Ibn Sina The ideas of ancient scholars and thinkers in the time between Ramses the Great and Ibn Sina still influence the way we think today.
Our belief that mathematics and physics can explain the Universe can be traced back to the theories of Pythagoras and his followers. The teachings of Confucius have shaped Chinese culture for more than 2,000 years. And Fatima al-Fihri is believed to have established the oldest university anywhere in the world.
我们相信数学和物理可以解释宇宙,这可以追溯到毕达哥拉斯及其追随者的理论。孔子的教导塑造了中国文化2000多年。据信,法蒂玛·菲赫里建立了世界上最古老的大学。 Humans through time About 7 million years ago, a species of ape appeared in East Africa that could walk upright on two legs.
It was the first of the hominins—a group that includes modern humans and our ancestors. Over millions of years, humans evolved into the species that has today populated almost every part of planet Earth.
它是人类中的第一个,包括现代人和我们的祖先。数百万年来,人类进化成今天几乎遍布地球每一个角落的物种。 Ramses the Great Pharaoh Ramses II (c. 1301–1213 bce) used diplomacy, a huge building program, and endless self-promotion to become the greatest pharaoh of ancient Egypt.
拉美西斯伟大的法老拉美西斯二世(约1301-1213年) (bce)通过外交手段、庞大的建筑计划和无休止的自我宣传,成为古埃及最伟大的法老。
His long rule brought unprecedented stability and prosperity to the nation, and led nine further pharaohs to take his name in a bid to mirror his success.
他的长期统治给这个国家带来了前所未有的稳定和繁荣,并导致另外九位法老以他的名字命名,以反映他的成功。 Cyrus the Great One of the greatest leaders in the ancient world, Cyrus the Great (c. 590–530 bce) was a talented military commander who conquered three other empires to establish the first Persian Empire.
塞勒斯大帝古代世界最伟大的领袖之一,塞勒斯大帝(c。 590–530 (公元前)是一位才华横溢的军事指挥官,他征服了其他三个帝国,建立了第一个波斯帝国。
Cyrus is recorded as being a wise ruler, respecting the religions and customs of all the lands he ruled. He remains a hero to many in modern-day Iran.
赛勒斯被记录为一位明智的统治者,尊重他所统治的所有国家的宗教和习俗。他仍然是现代伊朗许多人心目中的英雄。Confucius Confucius (551–479 bce) was China’s first great philosopher. He believed in respecting tradition, and being loyal and kind to other people.
孔子(551-479) 是中国第一位伟大的哲学家。他相信尊重传统,对他人忠诚善良。
He also developed new ideas for how society should work, arguing that people could only be happy if their rulers treated them well. Confucius’ simple but powerful ideas gradually spread and became a huge part of Chinese life.

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