DK weather explore nature with fun facts and activities天气 通过有趣的事实和活动探索自然

Life goes on
The rain is often so heavy that it washes away crops and floods the streets. Violent thunderstorms can also occur, but whatever the monsoon brings, life goes on.

After the rain
For six months, showers sweep across the land. Finally, the wind and rain die down. The cool air flows back towards the sea and the land begins to dry.

Thunder and lightning Hot

sticky summer days often end in violent thunderstorms. Dark, towering thunderclouds send forks of lightning flashing across the sky, and booming thunderclaps fill the air. The electricity from just one bolt of lightning could light a small town for a whole year!

Flash and crack
Inside a storm cloud, violent winds swirl snow, hailstones, and rain up and down. Electricity builds up in the cloud and escapes as a flash of lightning.

Flower power
When you want to know what the weather will be like, look for the magic carpet flower. It grows in the wild in South Africa and is a popular garden plant elsewhere. The petals stay wide open in fine weather, but they close up when the sky grows dark.

Frog-cast One way to tell if it’s going to rain soon is to look out for frogs. They love to come out when it’s damp. As the air usually becomes humid before it rains, you may see more frogs about and you will know to expect rain.

The day
During the course of each day there are changes in the weather. On fine days, you can almost tell the time by the way the weather changes through the day – from the cool chill of dawn through the heat of the afternoon to the clear, calm evening.

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