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Information Explorer Junior series在信息化时代,儿童如何学会各种必要的社会技能,每册28页,全彩高清,深入浅出,适合小学及初中水平。
In the information age, how can children learn all kinds of necessary social skills? Each volume is 28 pages, full-color HD, in simple language, suitable for primary and junior high school level.

The Information Explorer Junior series provides readers with the tools they need to FIND,
Information Explorer Junior系列为读者提供了所需的工具,
ORGANIZE, and SHARE information clearly and effectively. Targeted at an early age range than our popular
Information Explorer: Super Smart Information Series, this set will help your younger readers become Information Explorers
信息资源管理器:超级智能信息系列,此集将帮助您的年轻读者成为信息探险家探险家图书馆 信息探险家

Chapter One
Share with a Slide Show
Eddy’s teacher has asked him to create a presentation about tigers for the class. He is excited! He will speak in front of everyone.He will also have a slide show to share! A slide show displays a series of screens called slides. Slides use pictures, words, videos, music, or graphs as visual aids. They
help the audience understand what the presenter is talking about. People in business use slide shows to
帮助观众理解演讲者在说什么。商务人士使用幻灯片来Review It! Helping Peers Create Their Best Work-Cherry Lake Publishing
share their ideas. Teachers use them to teach students new information. Students can use slide shows to show what they
have learned. You can make a slide show on almost any computer. When it is time to give a presentation, you can connect the
computer to a projector or a video screen. Then everyone can see your slides!
Try This
试试这个Speak Out!. Creating Podcasts and Other Audio Recordings-Cherry Lake Publishing
There are many computer programs you can use to create a slide show. Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote are two of the most widely used slide show programs. There are also Web sites that let you create presentations online. These
sites include Prezi, SlideShare, Zoho Show, Empressr, and Prezentit. Finally, there are many slide show apps that you can use on tablet computers. Ask an adult to help you access a slide show program on a computer or other device. Try it out! What can you create for fun?
网站包括Prezi、SlideShare、Zoho Show、Empressr和Prezentit。最后,还有许多幻灯片放映应用程序可以在平板电脑上使用。请成年人帮助您访问计算机或其他设备上的幻灯片放映程序。试试看!你能创造什么好玩的东西?
Just the Facts
只是事实而已Learning and Sharing with a Wiki-Cherry Lake Publishing
Eddy reads about his topic in books. He also looks for information on the Internet. Then he organizes all of his facts into a slide show.
Getting Started
入门Being Respectful Online-Cherry Lake Publishing
“Boys and girls, everyone has to give an oral presentation,” Anita’s teacher says. How would you feel about speaking in front
of the whole class? Some people love being infront of an audience. If you are one of these people, this book will help you improve your
presentation skills. However, many people get nervous about giving oral presentations. If this sounds like you, don’t worry! Use the tips in this book to feel more comfortable speaking in front of people. Chances are, you will give many oral presentations throughout your life, even as an adult! Business people, scientists, politicians, reporters on television, teachers, and more all use oral presentations to explain ideas to other people.
演讲技巧。然而,许多人对口头陈述感到紧张。如果这听起来像你,别担心!使用本书中的技巧,在人们面前讲话会更舒服。很有可能,你会在一生中做很多口头陈述,即使是作为一个成年人!商人、科学家、政治家、电视记者、教师等等都会用口头陈述向他人解释想法。Get to the Right Site-Cherry Lake Publishing
To prepare for a presentation, you need to plan, research, write, and rehearse. Before you can begin these steps, you need to choose a topic. Sometimes you will be given a topic. Other times, you can choose your own. Anita’s teacher asks his students to each do a presentation about being healthy. They can choose what particular topic they want to work on. As Anita takes a bite from a crisp apple, she knows her answer right away—teeth!
Try This
试试这个Find New Words with Dictionaries-Cherry Lake Publishing
Choosing your own topic can be exciting! Start by listing six topics that interest you. They can be familiar topics or things that you want to learn more about. Next, take a close look at the topics you listed. Some might be just right for a short presentation. Others may be too broad. Narrow down any broad topics by focusing on a specific part.
选择你自己的话题会很刺激!首先列出你感兴趣的六个主题。它们可以是您熟悉的主题或您想了解更多的内容。接下来,仔细看看你列出的主题。有些可能正好适合做一个简短的介绍。其他的可能太宽泛了。把注意力集中在一个特定的部分来缩小任何广泛的话题。Find Your Way with Atlases-Cherry Lake Publishing
For example:
Too broad: Basketball players
More specific: Michael Jordan
Too broad: Swimming
More specific: The four
common swimming strokes


[Information Explorer Junior] Ann Truesdell – Present It! Creating and Sharing a Slide Show (2014, Cherry Lake Publishing).pdf
安·特鲁斯德尔-展示它!创建和共享幻灯片(2014,Cherry Lake Publishing).pdf
(Information Explorer) Kristin Fontichiaro,Emily Puckett Rodgers – Shared Creations. Making Use of Creative Commons-Cherry Lake Publishing (2013).pdf
(探险家图书馆\信息探险家)克里斯汀丰奇亚罗,艾米莉帕克特罗杰斯-共享创作。利用知识共享Cherry Lake Publishing(2013).pdf
(Explorer Library_ Information Explorer) Ann Truesdell – Make Your Point. Creating Powerful Presentations-Cherry Lake Publishing (2013).pdf
(探索者图书馆\信息探索者)安·特鲁斯德尔-说出你的观点。创建强大的演示Cherry Lake Publishing(2013).pdf
Suzy Rabbat – Citing Sources. Learning to Use the Copyright Page-Cherry Lake Publishing (2013).pdf
苏西拉巴特-引用消息来源。学习使用版权页Cherry Lake Publishing(2013).pdf
Sandy Buczynski – Designing a Winning Science Fair Project-Cherry Lake Publishing (2014).pdf
Sandy Buczynski-设计科学博览会获奖项目Cherry Lake Publishing(2014).pdf
Phyllis Cornwall – Play It Safe Online-Cherry Lake Publishing (2012).pdf
Phyllis Cornwall – Mind Your Manners Online-Cherry Lake Publishing (2012).pdf
Kristin Fontichiaro,Kathleen Petelinsek – Starting Your Own Blog-Cherry Lake Publishing (2013).pdf
Kristin Fontichiaro,Kathleen Petelinsek-创建自己的博客Cherry Lake Publishing(2013).pdf
Kristin Fontichiaro,Kathleen Petelinsek – Review It! Helping Peers Create Their Best Work-Cherry Lake Publishing (2014).pdf
Kristin Fontichiaro,Kathleen Petelinsek-回顾一下!帮助同龄人创造他们最好的作品Cherry Lake Publishing(2014).pdf
Kristin Fontichiaro – Speak Out!. Creating Podcasts and Other Audio Recordings-Cherry Lake Publishing (2013).pdf
克里斯汀·丰蒂奇亚罗-说出来!。创建播客和其他录音Cherry Lake Publishing(2013).pdf
Kristin Fontichiaro – Getting Around Online-Cherry Lake Publishing (2012).pdf
Kristin Fontichiaro-在线樱桃湖出版社(2012).pdf
Kelly Coleman,Kathleen Petelinsek – Choose It! Finding the Right Research Topic-Cherry Lake Publishing (2014).pdf
凯莉·科尔曼,凯萨琳·彼得林塞克-选吧!寻找正确的研究主题Cherry Lake Publishing(2014).pdf
Kara Fribley – Find the Right Words with Thesauruses-Cherry Lake Publishing (2012).pdf
Jennifer L. Harner,Kathleen Petelinsek – Reading and Learning from Informational Text-Cherry Lake Publishing (2013).pdf
珍妮弗L。Harner,Kathleen Petelinsek-阅读和学习信息文本Cherry Lake Publishing(2013).pdf
Jeff McHugh – Maintaining a Positive Digital Footprint-Cherry Lake Publishing (2014).pdf
Jeff McHugh-保持积极的数字足迹Cherry Lake Publishing(2014).pdf
Ellen Range – Take Note! Taking and Organizing Notes-Cherry Lake Publishing (2014).pdf
Ann Truesdell,Kathleen Petelinsek – Learning and Sharing with a Wiki-Cherry Lake Publishing (2013).pdf
Ann Truesdell,Kathleen Petelinsek-通过维基Cherry Lake Publishing学习和分享(2013).pdf
Ann Truesdell,Kathleen Petelinsek – Being Respectful Online-Cherry Lake Publishing (2013).pdf
Ann Truesdell,Kathleen Petelinsek-尊重在线樱桃湖出版社(2013).pdf
Ann Truesdell – Get to the Right Site-Cherry Lake Publishing (2012).pdf
Ann Truesdell – Find New Words with Dictionaries-Cherry Lake Publishing (2012).pdf
Adrienne Matteson – Find Your Way with Atlases-Cherry Lake Publishing (2012).pdf

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